Our Roller Garage Doors are electric, which means that they can be operated with the push of a button from inside your car.

For security, the remote control cannot be cloned, meaning you, your car and your property are all secure.

These remote controls feature a ‘Hold to Run’, sometimes known as a ‘dead man’s switch’, which means the system will automatically cease the moment you stop pressing the up or down button on the remote. We also have the option to add an automated stop to your garage, which means it automatically stops if it hits an obstacle.

As standard, our doors come with 2 wireless remote controls (additional are available on request), a wired push button which fixes to your garage wall and an emergency hand cranks system which allows the door to operate without power.

To ensure that our Electric Roller Garages run smoothly throughout their lives we only use the highest quality components, which includes a German made NRG motor.

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